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Gogokid Job – Gogokid Mentors


Requirements to work for Gogokid:

1. Eligible to work in the US or Canada without a visa

2. At least a Bachelors degree (does not have to be in teaching)

3. At least a year of formal or informal work experience with children

4. A teaching certificate, CELTA, TESOL or TEFL (You can apply while still working on your TESOL/TEFL if you don’t have a teaching certificate, but I recommend having it complete beforehand.)





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Gogokid is a wonderful newer company that pays better than most online ESL companies! I have been an online teacher with VIPKID for almost three years now, and now I work almost exclusively with Gogokid. I love that there are no minimum hours, I make my own schedule, 1-on-1 25 minute classes, and pre-made curriculum.


I would love to be your hiring coach with Gogokid! I am an experienced mentor, and my referrals have a high success rate. Working with me means fast replies to questions (email, text, WhatsApp, etc), 1-on-1 coaching through messaging or video chat, and practice demo lessons before your actual interview. I provide my referrals with exclusive documents and a demo lesson breakdown PDF, which takes you through every slide.


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