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iTutorGroup Job – iTutorGroup Mentors



iTutorGroup Teaching Requirements:


1. US, UK or Canadian citizen, Ireland, NZ, and Australia. You can live anywhere in the world.  

2. BA/BS degree in any field.

3. Native English Speaker or near native level.

4. At least 1 year of teaching experience online.

5. Teaching experience online or offline preferred but not required.

6. TESOL/TEFL certificate MUST be obtained with 30 days of being hired. 



Below are the peak hours in Taiwan time.

itutorgroup peak hours


 Able to commit to 10 peak hours a week, with at least 4 supporting the weekends.


**These are just for the fixed hours, you can open more hours.


The pay depends on your background, experience and location.


. TutorABC offers Junior (peak hours) and adult classes (off peak hours). The company books the classes for you.


. Cancellation policy — You can cancel more than 24 hours in advanced, as many as you want but you won’t receive the attendance bonus. However, you can still keep the participation bonus. (for fixed pay contracts)


. If there is an emergency and you need to cancel, there is an emergency hotline or tutorchat available in your open. You can call or chat with the IT people to cancel.


 No shows – 6 no shows will terminate your account. The company has an attendance system where in you can appeal an absence once every 30 days and have it removed from your record. The passes are in retroactive.


iTutorGroup Pays

Get Mentored By Nikki for iTutorGroup


iTutorGroup Newbies and Applicants (Unofficial)


I have been working for iTutorGroup since 2013. I am a teacher representative, consultant live trainer and lecturer at the company. I’m a recruiter and a global interviewer for the company well so I can take in anyone as a direct recruit or through someone else’s. I’ve also been working for VIPKID since 2016 and work there as a mock mentor for a year last year.






Get Mentored By Kelly for iTutorGroup


iTutortGroup Mentoring & Support


Itutorgroup has been around over 20 years. They teach kids (1:1 or 1:2) and adults (up to 1:6) in 25 or 45 minute classes. They operate 24-7. The minimum requirement is a bachelors degree in any field.


Applicants can be native or non-native, with neutral accent. Applicants must also be willing to obtain a TEFL/TESOL within 30 days, if they don’t already have one.


Teaching experience is good, but not necessary. A computer with webcam, headset with mic and stable internet are required. Must also have an itutorgroup backdrop and red polo for teaching.


I am a direct interviewer, so I can interview applicants myself – this means I can prepare them very specifically to ensure they are successful. Hiring can be very quick (application, interview, onboarding, start), so I provide ongoing mentoring throughout to ensure teachers are comfortable in the classroom when they start. I offer constant support via messaging, zoom trainings and resources provided via Facebook. I have hired over 130 teachers.




itutorgroup backdrop


Get Mentored By Elaine for iTutorGroup


Online ESL teachers – Group support/job opportunities


My name is Elaine and I have been a teacher for over 10 years. I am a teacher, lecturer, recruiter, interviewer and teacher representative for iTutorGroup.

One of my roles as a teacher representative is to help teachers and address their issues to iTutorgroup.

I offer ongoing support in my Facebook group, and as a teacher representative, I have direct communication channels with management.


iTutorGroup Jobs


Get Mentored By Princess Haak for iTutorGroup



ItutorGroup / Tutor ABC Consultants 24/7 Facebook Group



Contact Princess Haak on Facebook


I have been working for ITG for almost 3 years. I am a consultant, teacher rep, recruiter, and global interviewer for them.

Here are the requirements to apply. I am a direct interviewer for them too so I would include my link (just in case):

MUST have a degree (4 years)

Minimum 10 hours fixed schedule a week (including weekends at least 4 hours)
TESOL or TEFL a must or willing to obtain


(US, UK, CANADA) 25 min classes base rate is $7 or $8, you do get bonus of $1 after 50 classes and $1 for perfect attendance ($14-20/hr)

(US, UK, CANADA) 45 min classes based rate is $7.50 you do get bonuses from the students and can earn up to $34.50 (Group Class up to 6 adults)

For all the other nonnative the pay starts from $2 and it is entirely dependent on your location.

Cancellation Policy is very lenient. Just cancel more than 24 hours in advance.
97% Booking Rate. No wait to teach!

I am a DIRECT INTERVIEWER for super quick hiring process. I can help you get started. Here is my link so I can interview you in the platform. Let me know if you have questions! I can help!


Contact me via email:





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