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Magic Ears Job – Magic Ears Mentors


Requirements to work for Magic Ears:

1. Must be a native English speaker from US/Canada

2. Must have a bachelors degree or be currently enrolled in a degree program.

3. Have a 120 credit hour accredited ESL certification, or be in the process of obtaining one.

4. Have at least one year of teaching experience.

5. Fill out the application carefully. Make sure to answer each question carefully and truthfully. Once you’re finished, hit submit! You’ll receive results in up to 24 hours.





Magic Ears Apply

Get Mentored By Debbie for Magic Ears


Contact me by email at


Magic Ears Debbie YouTube Channel


I’m a Magic Master, trainer and interviewer, and been with the company since December, 2017. I have mentored a handful of people and I’m very responsive in my support. I will Skype with applicants who want to go through the demo lesson, have created helpful and useful videos, and want others to succeed.


Apply Here!


Tech requirements:


– Mouse (not a trackpad)Good lit teaching area.

– Over the ear headset with mic (no earbuds).

– Quiet teaching environment.

– Clean background or nicely decorated “classroom” feel background.


The Magic Ears platform is highly integrative and has many features. In order to have this, the platform is a downloadable software instead of web based. This means you will need either a desktop or laptop in order to download the platform.


What works:


-Windows desktop or laptop, later than Windows 7-Mac desktop or laptop, later than MacOSX 10.11


Processor: CPU I5 4th Generation, models with suffixes M, HQ, HK, and above. NOT U or Y suffixes.


Memory: 4GB and above


Internet speeds: 3-5 mbps upload/ 20 download are the minimum internet speeds you can have. You can test your speeds at


Ethernet chord is strongly recommended for internet stability.


What will not work:







Magic Ears Teacher Requirements

Get Mentored By Lisa for Magic Ears


Contact me on Facebook


Here’s info about Magic Ears + hiring process of my time with the company! Just let me know if you’d like to apply and I’ll mentor you through the hiring process!


I’m a Magic Master and Interviewer, and Trainer with Magic Ears, have been with the company since March 2018, and LOVE it!


You need to have a Bachelors Degree (in any subject) OR be currently enrolled in college classes (for any type of degree), an ESL Certification ($19 on Groupon ~ took me under 4 hours to complete), experience with children and be a native English speaker from the USA or Canada to apply.


Starting pay is $18-24/hour including bonuses, which are super-easy to get and all teachers Junior Rank and above receive a raise with each new contract! We’re booked by the company, so you can focus on teaching and not worry about having to market yourself.


The staff does a great job communicating with the teachers and listens to our ideas (and actually implements them). The Magic Ears Family Facebook page is super-supportive and positive, too.


Scheduling is totally flexible and they don’t penalize you for sick days or emergencies, like some other online companies do.


I LOVE the teaching platform, too! It’s state-of-the art and interactive with built-in games, video and songs. The lessons are all provided and it only takes a couple of minutes before classes to review each lesson and grab a few props. We also have our reward system built right into the platform so we don’t have to spend time creating secondary reward systems. Yay!


The only downside I can think of is that it took me a little practice to get used to a couple of components on the platform. Magic Ears was super patient with me though, gave me a short training session so I’d be able to properly use the platform!


I really, truly love my job and look forward to teaching each day!
I’d be happy to answer any questions or mentor you through the hiring process ~

Use my code for mentorship throughout the process




What qualifications do I need?

�Must be a native English speaker with a neutral accent from USA/Canada (native speaker requirements are non-negotiable). You must have a Bachelor’s Degree (or currently be working towards your degree), ESL Certification ($19 on Groupon ~ took me under 4 hours to complete), and have experience with kids. Be sure to attach all resumes and certifications (if applicable), otherwise your application will be automatically rejected by the system for being incomplete.


What does the application process look like?

�Application> Demo/Interview> 1v4 Training > 1v1 Go-Through> 1 or 2 Trial classes (depending on the performance of the first trial class) > Background Check and Contract> Hired teacher


How long does the hiring process take?

�The normal hiring process takes approximately 1-2 weeks, however, if you have previous experience teaching ESL online & excel during your interview, you’ll be invited to join the Fast-Track Program! Rather than doing the 1v1 training, you’ll receive a Quiz and if you pass, you’ll move straight to the Trial Class. This new program will allow you to be hired, trained and teaching in as little as 48 HOURS after your interview! If you meet the qualifications to apply and shine during your interview, you’ll be invited to join the Fast-Track!


What is the expected pay?

�If you have a Bachelor’s Degree in ANY subject (or are currently working towards one) you’ll receive a base pay of $9/class PLUS the opportunity for the BONUSES listed below.


If you have a Bachelors or Masters in Education + ESL certificate + 5 or more years teaching experience, your base pay will be $10/class PLUS the opportunity for the BONUSES outlined below


You will have opportunities to receive a raise for outstanding teacher performance every 6 months (caps at $26/hr).



#1. $1/class for entering the classroom 3 minutes early
#2. Open 60 peak time slots and get an additional $1 for each class you teach, peak time, or regular time.


What are the available hours?
5:00 P.M.- 9:00 P.M. (BJT) Monday – Friday
9:00 A.M.- 11:00 A.M. (BJT) Monday – Friday
9:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. (BJT) Saturday and Sunday


Are there Standby Classes?

YES! Standby classes will appear on the schedule and you may choose to book. If teaching Standby, you will enter the platform 5 minutes before class and remain 15 minutes after class time has started.


Standby Bonuses If you do not teach, you will earn $5 for standing by. If you do teach, you will earn class play + $2 bonus for standing by.


Is there a required amount of hours I have to schedule per week?



How do bookings work?

We are booked by the company, not by the parents. Your guaranteed hours will increase as you rank up in teaching and as you make a certain % of supervisor & parent feedback. All new teachers start out as Freshmen rank and have limited slots open. After you teach your first 10 classes, you can rank up to Benchmark (can open full schedule but not high bookings) or Junior (about 50-60% of your open slots booked). After 100 classes you’re eligible to potentially rank to Senior, and you’ll be guaranteed for 80% of your open slots to be booked. Magic Masters have 100% of opened slots guaranteed.


What is the cancellation/emergency policy?

In the case of an emergency or illness, you can cancel, penalty-free, at any time.
Sick cancellations: Anytime you are ill, Magic Ears would rather you take time off than teach ill and possibly not be at your best. You are never penalized for having to cancel due to illness! If you are the only care-taker available for your children during class times, you may also cancel penalty free if they become ill.


Emergency Cancellations: This covers pretty much any type of situation out of your control. This can include natural disasters, power outages, family emergencies, etc.
Non-Emergency/Non-Sick Cancellations: You get 2 days of non-emergency/non-sick cancellations per month. These cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to not be penalized. Cancellations within 24 hours, but prior to 2 hours, will be penalized $10. Cancellations within 2 hours of class time, that are not due to emergency or illness, will be counted as absent.


These cancellations count for the entire day, so if you are cancelling two classes within the same day, it will only count as one cancellation.


Keep in mind that an absence is a penalty of $20 and can result in a class suspension of up to one week. 2 absences within one contract can lead to a contract termination.


Open Slot Cancellations: Open slots can be closed and opened at any time without penalties.


How soon in advance can I set my availability?

�As soon as you are hired, you can begin scheduling your availability up to four weeks at a time! Please schedule at least 2 weeks ahead so you can get classes booked.

What are the computer/internet requirements?

Please check these requirements for equipment:


We strongly suggest you use cable internet if your internet speed does not meet the requirement – 3-5mbp/s for upload and 20mbp/s for download .
To test the internet speed, please go to Please check the configuration of your PC/laptop: For now, our platform cannot run on Chromebook.


As for Windows, it has to be later than win7; As for Mac, Later than MacOSX 10.11


Processor: CPU I5 4th Generation, Models with suffixes M, HQ and HK etc. and above. For example: i5-6400M (U & Y are NOT compatible with our platform)
Memory: 4GB and above.


Also, please close the virus detector while the platform is running.


How do I set up my interview/demo class?

�If you choose to do a live interview, you will schedule the interview on your Magic Ears teacher portal. As soon as you book the interview, you will have access to the class material you will use to “teach” an 8-minute demo to the interviewer, as if you are leading a real class.


I highly recommend giving yourself a few days to practice for your interview! It’s also super-helpful to send me a recorded copy of you teaching the interview lesson so I can give you feedback. Those who take me up on this offer have a MUCH higher rate of passing the interview : )


�If you choose to do the recorded demo, you will schedule a time at your own convenience. The demo material will load at your start time. You may schedule as many demo times as you feel necessary to get the best recording. Make sure you use a screen recorder. The demo should take about 8 minutes, and you should have at least 2 props relevant to the class material.


What is a good screen recorder to use for recording a demo?

Mac users may find QuickTime Player to be a great, free option for screen recording. Loom and iSpring are also great options for any computer.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! I’m happy to help!


As long as you’re fully qualified you’ll receive an automatic invitation for an interview!


At that point, DON’T SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW, but message me on Facebook and I’ll send you information on how to prepare.





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