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Qkids Job – Qkids Mentors


Requirements to work for Qkids:

1. Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada (MUST BE BASED IN THESE COUNTRIES)

2. AA Eligibility Required, BA Preferred

3. Digital literacy and the ability to lead an engaging learning atmosphere

4. Prior teaching experience or equivalent in education, tutoring, mentoring, homeschooling preferred

5. English teaching certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) required for anyone without a bachelors degree in an Educational or English field.

6. Technical requirements: a computer with stable internet connection and clear audio/video capacity

7. The minimum time commitment is 6 hours weekly




Information about Qkids (FAQS)

So, I wanted to tell you a little more about Qkids. 🙂 They were founded in 2015 and are based in China.

They have many different types of classes, ranging from phonics (very basic ABCs and words) and levels 1-12. (level 12 covers things like famous artist and landmarks etc)

They have a massive variety of lesson variety so you never get bored!
Qkids provides ALL teaching materials. You are more or less playing a game with students and following a program. You do not need to track student progress and prepare any materials.

Everything is done for you. Your job is to encourage, motivate and correct pronunciation. And of course, facilitate!

Where can I teach from?

This is an online, work from home job. You can teach anywhere from the U.S. and Canada.

What devices do I need?

A computer with a webcam

A headset with microphone

Stable Internet connection (ethernet cable connection preferred)

What is the technical requirement?

Minimum upload speed: 2Mbps. Minimum download speed: 4Mbps.

Test your speed here:

How long is one lesson?

Each in-lesson time is 30 minutes. Teachers are required to check the classroom equipment four minutes before the lesson. (so lessons are 34 minutes really)

What are the available time slots? (HOURS LISTED IN EAST COAST TIME)

7 days a week (AM)

EST (you must be in class 3 minutes early)

1. 6:40-7:10

2. 7:20-7:50

3. 8:00-8:30

4. 8:40-9:10

Plus Friday and Saturday nights (Est)

(Must log in 3 minutes early)


1. 8:40-9:10

2. 9:20-9:50

3. 10:00-10:30

4. 10:40-11:10

5. 11:20-11:50

For approximately 10 weeks over the summer (middle of june until end of August) there are the 5 time slots SEVEN DAYS A WEEK so 33 hours total available weekly.

Also for three weeks in February. It is VERY LIKELY You would be FULLY BOOKED during this time and can really maximize earnings!

THE BOOKING RATE at Qkids is EXCELLENT the majority of the year. GREAT booking rates for NEW TEACHERS.

So there are 4 classes everyday of the week in the morning and 5 classes on Friday and Saturday nights for a total of 38 available classes weekly (19 hours)

You can choose whichever classes you are available to teach and change your schedule weekly but Qkids does require that you teach 12 classes a week. (6 hours)

But if you need to request time off, that isn’t a problem at all!

You earn $8 dollars per 33-minute class. If you do not get any negative reviews on that class, you earn an additional $1 per class. (90 percent or more of teachers almost always earn that extra dollar per class) If you teach 15 or more classes in a week (7.5 hours) you earn an additional dollar per class. So it is very obtainable to earn $10 per 33 minute class and the majority of teachers do earn $10 per class the majority of the time. (it’s 99.9 percent of the time for me personally)

Qkids is SUPER FLEXIBLE and you can cancel a booked slot anytime as long as you give 5 or more hours of notice. If you cancel with less than five hours’ notice, you will lose one dollar of pay per class cancelled last minute that week. If you miss more than three classes last minute in a week-long period, you will lose one dollar per class taught that week.

If you miss a class last minute and do not message at all in advance, you also will lose that extra dollar per class for the week.

They are also super flexible on time off and you can just let them know about a week in advance that you will be taking off. I myself, take off at least four weeks a year.





qkids faqs


Get Mentored By Adalee for Qkids


Qkids Application and Hiring Help Facebook Group


Hi! My name is Adalee and I have been a Qkids Teacher for over a year and a half now. I have taught almost 3,000 classes for Qkids and absolutely loved every minute of it! I LOVE teaching and LOVE helping others follow their dreams to become an ESL Teacher.


I have helped many teachers apply and get hired on with Qkids and it is such a privilege to see the difference that Qkids makes in their life and how much joy teaching for Qkids brings. I have enjoyed helping every single one of my referrals from applying to signing their contract and continue to stay in touch and support many of them today.


I would love to “meet” you and help you as well and am looking forward to speaking with you.


I am also an experienced offline teacher and have taught ESL in Germany and South Africa. I have a bachelor’s in education and am TESOL certified.


I love children and am incredibly passionate about Education, especially ESL education as I love to travel and learn languages myself. I love to hike and spend time outdoors and photography and design. I’m just a little bit obsessed with Pandas, Coffee and the color teal.



If you are a student, you still have a chance of being employed by Qkids. Especially if you have experience! We will work together to give your application the best possible chance of being accepted.You must however at least be a junior and the TESOL or TEFL certificate is a must. Regardless of if you have a bachelors or not, I can help you prepare your application! You will need to submit a resume, an application video and a screenshot of your computer specs. (to ensure that the Qkids teaching program is compatible with your computer)


I can send you help for your application and help you along the way! My referral code is MCUFFN and I would love to be your referring teacher and mentor! 🙂


Once you have applied the first steps will be, downloading the program and a phone app called WeChat to communicate with the Qkids hiring team. You will then watch some videos and learn about the program and how to use it and will schedule your first demo.


Demo 1 covers how to use the program and basic teaching techniques. A Chinese trainer will speak with you, check your internet connection, ensure that you know how to use the program properly and get a feel for your teaching skills and personality.


Once you have passed Demo 1 you will move on to Demo 2. You will have a different Chinese trainer for demo 2 and will be asked interview questions. You will demonstrate your teaching skills more thoroughly.


The trainers in both Demo 1 and Demo 2 will be very nice and helpful. They will give you tips and ideas and will pretend to be children at times so that you can teach them.


Once you have completed Demo 2, its onwards to trial classes! This is where the fun really starts!


You know how to use the program and have practiced your teaching skills, and now you get to really demonstrate this and meet the Students! You will have up to 4 students and will teach an actual class. Trainers will watch this class later and give you feedback. You will teach 3-5 trial classes before being officially hired and will receive feedback and ideas after each trial. You will most commonly teach them 2 at a time back to back. Don’t worry- you can preview and practice for the trial classes in advance!


I, of course, will help you as well! I am very experienced with helping teachers get hired on at Qkids and will give you additional tips and ideas as well as answer any questions. My help definitely comes in useful during the trials especially, as you can ask me specific questions about levels and student ability or questions about the games in the trials or any questions that you have regarding your feedback from trainers. I also have albums with info and videos to further support you in passing Demo 1, Demo 2 and the trials. I am here to help you and help you not only pass but pass with confidence and have a great time! I really want you to become an amazing teacher for Qkids and know that you will have the best time! 🙂


PLEASE let me know if you have additional questions. I am here to help and happy to do so!


I can send you help for your application and help you along the way! My referral code is MCUFFN and I would love to be your referring teacher and mentor! 🙂


I look forward to helping you get started!



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