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About Me

My Story

Let me share a little bit about me and my ESL Journey.


When I was teaching ESL in a Public Elementary School in South Korea, I quickly discovered that I loved teaching ESL and it was so much fun….


The Public School System gave me the freedom to put my spin on the curriculum.


I took 2 successful programs Genki English and We Are Busy Beavers to fill in the gaps in the curriculum and I made it fun for my students. It became so successful I was the teacher to see in the area. All the small public schools would bring their ESL teachers to watch my classes for training.


Since then I have taught in the Philippines, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia.


In 2015 I started to teach ESL online to kids. A year later, I won the most popular teacher award with VIPKID. I won a free trip to China. It was the best experience of my life.


So the following year, I made the decision to teach teachers’ how to become successful in teaching kids online from home.


For almost 2 years, I would have daily calls with teachers helping them to get up to speed quickly to teach ESL online to Kids. I was doing pretty well but I wasn’t getting the results that I hoped for. I was frustrated, tired, and then I got sick.


I had no energy for almost 5 months. I could barely work and walk around the house. I went from over 200 lbs. to 158 lbs. I went to multiple doctors and it took them almost 4 ½ months to figure out that I had some kind of allergy that I was itching my throat and I could not sleep at night.


This made me really think what I really wanted to do with my life going forward. I have a family to support. My wife and 3 beautiful kids.


As I was sitting at my computer, I pictured building an Online ESL platform that would give ESL teachers the tools, mentoring, and expertise needed to Go Solo.


I love helping others and seeing their success as a direct result of their actions and how I helped them along their journey. It just makes it all worthwhile.


I had no idea if this was going to work or the time needed to get it ready for teachers or how much money it would cost. I began planning and exploring my new idea. I planned everything out on paper and was so excited to begin. I began creating curriculum, talking with developers, and hashing everything out for the new platform.


I begin building my platform and it took 11 months to build and I’m sure I will be adding new things to it every few months. So without creating it from scratch, it wouldn’t be tailored for online ESL teachers that teach kids.


Today, I teach kids ESL online from my home and I feel that I’m making a big impact on students’ lives more than I ever did before in a traditional ESL classroom.


And I also get to help online ESL teachers that teach kids to “Go Solo” and teach their own students online.


That is a little bit about me and my journey and how I got to where I am today.


Helping online ESL teachers to “Go Solo” is my passion.


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Daniel Anthony DiDio

Happy Teaching 🙂

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